Welcome to Chomping At The Bit!

Hi. Welcome to my blog! My name is Chaeli. I live in New Jersey and attend Rowan University. I’ve been involved with horses for about eight years and I don’t plan on changing that anytime soon. I started by taking lessons that eventually changed into leasing. For almost two years, I worked as a stable hand in exchange for my lessons and it was a great learning experience. After years of begging my parents, I got a horse to call my own that I keep in my backyard. She is an eight year old, bay roan, Quarter Horse named Capri. I’m sure I will be posting pictures soon! In this blog, I intend to provide you with tips and advice for owning or caring for horses. If you ever have ANY topics specifically you’d like me to write about, send me an email or contact me through Twitter and I’ll gladly consider it! You’re probably wondering why I named my blog “Chomping At The Bit.” Well, I wanted the name to be a horse phrase that is somewhat common and easy for non-horse people to recognize. The phrase is used to describe the situation when a horse is constantly biting on the bit. So I figured, readers checking my blog for new information is kind of the same thing. If you aren’t familiar with horses, don’t worry, this blog is for you too! Hopefully, I will familiarize you and ignite your curiosity for horses. In the meantime, feel free to check out the sites I’ve listed in my Blogroll. We’ll talk again soon!


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