Something to Look Forward To!

Hey guys, so over the next few weeks I will try and do an article- I’m thinking horse hooves. This will probably include some shoeing, anatomy, diseases and care. After that I will be posting a Q&A with either a stock contractor/couple who owns a rodeo business or a cutting horse trainer who goes to big shows like the All American Quarter Horse Congress. Also, I am thinking about creating a photo album type post of an area with wild horses… It’s a little bit of a drive but I think it will be a beautiful experience! I don’t want to tell you where because I think it will be a fun surprise. Keep checking back to find out!


One thought on “Something to Look Forward To!

  1. Hey! I really like your blog it has a very pretty style and it is very eloquent and equine-esque. I like where your going with your work and it is different from other typical topics so It is a good focus. I enjoy your writing style because it is very personal to your reader and you always make it intriguing enough to want to read the next post! Great job and I will deff. come back to read more of your work!

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