I’m Back!

First, I hope everyone’s enjoying their summer so far!

Paisley is amazing. Paisley my EMM mustang. “Horses are smart” has become an understatement. Yesterday was a pretty big day. I rode her in the arena (for the first time) and she is a little afraid of the far end. After some convincing and a few bucks, we traveled all the way around along the rail. We basically walked, turned, flexed and stopped. After all, you must learn to walk before you can run.

She is also into this new trick where she can rub her halters off. She literally rubbed the hair off the side of her nose trying to get her halter off. I have walked out in the morning and found Paisley standing in the round pen with a halter dangling from her head, not once, but twice. It’s okay if it was all the way off, but since it was still around her head, it could have been dangerous. She could have rolled and got her leg stuck in it or got it caught on something and spooked and really hurt herself. As a result of these consequences, I have been removing the halter at night and putting it back on in the morning. She could use the practice anyway.

Another big thing yesterday was loading in the trailer. She did it! I had to ask my boyfriend for help because the last time I tried, it was unsuccessful. Picture me standing in a two-horse stock trailer, holding a rope attached to Paisley’s halter. Good. Now Paisley, standing just at the back of the trailer with her feet firmly planted on the ground and her neck stretched out so her head and neck both are in the trailer. That’s it. Both of us stood like that for an hour until I gave up. Of course, every once in a while she would try to fly back and thrash her head around like she was saying “There’s no way! No way! You can’t make me” and maybe she was.

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"This isn't so bad" looking out the side door

“This isn’t so bad”
looking out the side door


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