Time to Get Ready to Get Back in the Saddle!

I don't own this photo

I don’t own this photo 

Due to low funding of the Mustang Heritage Foundation, the organization who holds the Extreme Mustang Makeover, events were cut from the program. At first, there were no events along the east coast. Thankfully something changed. As of now there will not be an event in NJ at the Dream Park but there will be one in Pennsylvania– my neighbor state. So after committing my warm days to training Paisley, I want to compete again. I want to save another mustang. So here I am between a mustang and another mustang. I think I can train both and keep my part time job. Sometimes. The application deadline for the PA event is April 15th.

The thing is, I have read way too many articles about the Bureau of Land Management and the roundups out west. The bottom line is, they captured so many horses, they don’t have too much more room to keep them, let alone the money to feed them. It is also brought to attention that they deny mustangs shelter that they require adopters to have. As of now, it sounds like there aren’t many other options. The BLM looked to slaughter, which isn’t solving the problem, it is hiding it. Furthermore, unfortunately banning slaughter in the US does not stop it in Mexico and Canada. An option is contraceptive programs, but it seems to only be effective for a few years and the BLM prefers to spend money on roundups.

Now, I am not telling you this because  say I hate the BLM, or I want to start a debate; These are just the things I read about, that makes me want to help the mustangs. So, I’m looking at this EMM as an opportunity to help. Why not spend my summer with horses and save a life while doing it?


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