Mustang #2


This trip has been.. interesting. The drive from my house to Ewing, Illinois is approximately 14 hours. We had some truck trouble in Maryland and ended up backtracking to get to the nearest dealership as soon as possible.

Thankfully we missed most of the big storms that crossed through Indiana. Finally in Illinois and it’s been raining since probably 7 last night. (it’s 12:30pm central time)

I waited in line at the facility to sign my papers for three hours, a very very longtime.

Long story short, were loaded up and headed home. We will probably arrive around 3am. Tomorrow is Day One. I plan to touch him!

Wish me luck!!

Name ideas?



It’s That Time of Year Again…


I will be competing in the Pennsylvania Extreme Mustang Makeover this year!! May 14th I am required to be in Illinois to pick up my newest friend. Let me tell you how many emotions are flying right now.
1 Determination. Now I know what to expect and I hope that I can do well this year, if not better than last.
2 Excitement. Horses are my passion and always will be. Having the opportunity to be responsible for and care for another is plenty to make me happy.
3 Stress! yes. This is finals week of my junior year of college. I’m ready for it to be over so I can take summer classes and train a mustang. and shadow my vet. and keep my part time job. and still have time to go to the beach…
4 Worry. I live in New Jersey. It is a fourteen and a half hour drive to where I need to be to pick up this horse. Mind you, fourteen and a half hours of a wild horse in a trailer. Alone. I hope all goes well.
5 Happiness. I am lucky enough to spend my time doing something I love.

Also, I think this year is geldings since two other events are. We’ll see!

Get ready for pictures on May 14th. And hey it wouldn’t hurt to think of some names (: